Restart Sailing Retreat 2014

Our body has endless possibilities of kinesis.  The essence is the journey of exploration of movement and not the outcome of a restricted form and cast.  If our course of thought and reason do not interfere, its abilities are unbounded.  The vision of movement constitutes its primary source.

Everybody can dance, move and feel the magical sensation our body is able to offer, as long as we are open to surrender to the new information it is ready to give us.
Our intention is to “see” and “awake” our body through movement and dance.  This trip will lead us to discover and travel with body parts we thought were motionless.  It will unleash our inner tension and will turn it into flow.  We will have the opportunity to gather and unite our body, mind and soul and find our personal rhythm in dance, in space and in our own everyday life.

Eye witnesses to our journey will be the live rhythm of percussion, the gentleness of the breeze, the mystery of the sea, the warmth of the sun and sand, and the nourishment of colorful and nutritious dishes.

Keep on Moving !...

We will sail along the Cyclades islands, Paros, koufonisia, syros .  Our seminar will start unfolding itself as we sail off from Athens, as you let yourself relax and synchronize your inner beating with the breath of the sea and the wind.

The crew will consist of restart trainer - hostess Fedra, captain & musician. The number of guests is a maximum of 8 persons.  Our yacht has 4 guest cabins with double beds and private bathrooms.

We will be starting the day early with a variety of fresh fruits and juices. Our morning 2-hour dance session accompanied by percussion will be taking place on small private beaches where we will be anchoring for the day.  Fedra will take you to a journey through movement where you can dive into your personal space and explore your inner core.

Brunch will be served after on board which will be a combination of colorful and balanced nutrition inspired by Greek local cuisines.  You will have plenty of time to enjoy the Greek warm light, the sea and to relax and replenish.

There will be time for exchanging and sharing ideas and experiences through improvisational practices.  Laughter and having fun is an essential element of the trip! After our evening dance session during the sunset, dinner will be served and the night will continue with music under the summer Greek sky.

The restart retreat is suitable for all ages and levels, also for those without any previous dance experience. As we believe… everybody can feel, dance and move, experiencing the magical gift of her body!

Taking part in a restart dance retreat is a beautiful way to combine movement, meditation through dance with a Sailing holiday in Greece.

Schedule Retreats 2014 with restart

September  06– 13 2014

Included in the price: Skipper,  restart trainer fees, Musician , Insurance, + VAT, Bedding linen and towels, Hot water, Tender with outboard, End Cleaning, Half board (Breakfast & lunch ).

Not included in the price: Fuel, water, guests and crews meals at port, port fees.

Early Bird: until june 15th total Cost 650 euros per person - non refundable deposit 150 euros

Total Cost: 700 euros per person.( with early bird after june 15th) deposit 200 Euros.

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