Private Classes in Naxos Island

“Body awareness through movement”

 Inspired by dance - impovisation- yoga - pilates

 Body awareness: Increase the ability to observe what is going on inside our body. “See” and “awake” the body through movement. Connect and use body parts in a different manner.

  Dynamic alignment: Being centered is not just a biomechanical event, a static form. Finding alignment and inner balance in a dynamic way provides a fuctional posture. Creates new connections and relationships within our body that helps us improve our movement in life. Changing our alignment changes our relationship with the whole world and the people in it

 Stretching & Strengthening: The use of opposing and complementary forces. Flexibility - Strength, Expansion - Contraction, Inhale -Exhale. Being in harmony with the natural rhythms of our body and the cicles of life.


 “Body awareness through movement” 

Offers the opportunity to unite body, mind and soul.

 Join us in this personal as well as collective journey. 

We are human beings… so lets just BE.


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